GMP+ FSA (feed safety system) news regarding road transport
In multiple European countries many transports are certified through incorporating into GMP+ FSA system, but also through its equivalent - approved systems. In these, so called, „A“-countries (see the chart below), since 1. 1. 2014 only certified...
URS has made a corporate redesign
 URS has changed the corporate identity including certificate templates, websites, product sheets and other corporate materials. We hope that this whole process will be appreciated by our clients, auditors, consultants and partners.
URS is preparing for new corporate redesign
 URS has made a decision - after many years, we are prepared to change our corporate image. URS will publish the new corporate image during September/October 2013.
Newsletter - spring 2013
News - spring 2013: Communication first, We are introducing Electronic Reporting, 2012 Annual Conference and New URS design.
URS introducing the electronical reporting
Modern technology significantly contributes to the productivity of a certification body. If you have ISO certification, you will expect your certification body to be professional and to add value to the auditing process. How it achieves this is...
Information Security Workshop
At the Information Security Workshop organized by the Prague Chamber of Commerce on 7th June 2012, the certification company URS presented its Reliable Operational Safety concept. The workshop was attended by top managers from the private and public...
Environmental damage: new statutory obligations in Czech Republic
It applies to you, too! There are new obligations resulting from the amended law on environmental damage. Starting from January 1, 2013, up to 98 per cent of Czech companies are threatened with a fine amounting up to CZK 5 000 000....
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